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Our Story

Established in 1975, we consist of approximately 200 single-family rental homes in three different states. Our companies are proud to provide clean, well-maintained single-family residences to tenants in Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia. We offer a large variety of sizes, types and prices within our prospective areas to service the needs of our communities. Collectively, our team has over 80 years of experience in real estate management. We pride ourselves on excellence in tenant relationships and quality service. We care for our tenants by providing online services and local professionals to assist with their household needs.

Why It Matters

Our service to our tenants and top-rated rental properties are the best in the region because we think of our tenants as an extension of our family. We are confident that we have quality tenants and we maintain the rental properties that they deserve. We pride ourselves in cultivating long and mutually beneficial relationships with our tenants.

Visit Our Sister Companies

Our sister company, Woody Creek Realty, is a full-service real estate company offering a wide variety of services to public and private investors. With total sales over $25 million and more than 200 single-family properties, Woody Creek offers tremendous knowledge of the Knoxville real estate market. Visit Woody Creek Realty to see current home listings, and for information about investing and property management, visit Woody Creek Property Management.

Our other sister company, Turner Custom Homes, has over 40 years of experience building in Knoxville. Turner Custom Homes brings expertise from building entire developments directly to the homeowner looking for quality craftsmanship done right, on time and on budget. If you’re interested in building or renovating the home of your dreams, visit Turner Custom Homes to learn more.

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